Our Core Services

Small Group Studio

Join us in our private studio in the Scarborough Bluffs for small group and private training sessions. This is an ideal way to experience the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost! Toni offers training in Yoga, Pilates, strength and cardio conditioning.

Private Studio Training

We understand that sometimes you just need a little hands-on guidance. Toni will work with you to build and monitor a personalized health, wellness, balanced lifestyle and fitness program which targets your specific goals and fits into your life. 

Corporate Wellness

We believe that a well designed corporate wellness program will result in improved employee engagement, commitment and performance. This equals a balanced, healthy business reflected in your bottom line. 

Membership Testimonials

“Toni is a brilliant guide and teacher. Strong yet vulnerable; wise yet open; fierce yet compassionate. And incredibly skilled and capable! I regularly attend Toni’s on-line classes and 1:1 instruction. She is an absolute gift!”  Val D., Human Resources Executive

“The best investment I ever made in my long term health and wellness was taking personal training sessions with Toni. Her commitment to total wellness allowed me to better manage my life as a whole. Aside from pushing me physically with a multitude of exercises that combined weights, bands, bosu balls, and much more, I was impressed by Toni’s attention to form and positioning. As my fitness improved, so did my ability to manage stress; I became a much happier person. Although the sessions were tough (I would expect nothing less), I had FUN and found that I could achieve a lot more physically than I ever expected before.”
– Jennifer C., Director, Support Services. 

“When I first met Toni Blay I was 40lbs overweight with high blood pressure and cholesterol. I started with a functional training program (designed by Toni) and even though I was the slowest in the class, I still felt part of the class and was never made to feel inferior. Toni modified the routine so I never got bored. If my form was not correct, she gently told me so. My balance, cardio and strength have improved 10 fold since working with Toni.”
– Gail C., Bookkeeper