Workshops & Specialty Programs

2 x per week 4 week ZOOM Series
Mondays 6pm and Saturdays 12:00Noon

This is a program like no other – where the participant learns the foundational postures and movement patterns for Yoga and Pilates from a Beginners perspective.  The participant will attend one yoga and one pilates virtual group training session (so 2 sessions per week) for 4 weeks, based on the current 9to5 Foundational Movement Schedule. Each training is 45-60min in length and a recording is sent to all registered participants (even if they can’t attend live). This recording is valid for one week following the scheduled session).

Max 10 participants on the Zoom platform. Investment: $120+HST for full series

Roll, Release, Restore(TM)
Tuesdays at 10am

Roll out the soft tissue and muscles in your body, release tension, recover from muscle overuse/repetitive movements and restore your balance and equilibrium in your body and mind with restorative yoga postures and guided deep breath work!  Self-myofascial release work is a recovery method that has many benefits. Using several tools, we will uncover the tender areas or trigger points in our bodies and roll them out to release tension in tight muscles, improve inflexible areas, remove muscle spasms and decrease soft tissue density. Then we will move into supported, restorative and yin yoga postures, (with the aid of props), and focus on deep, restorative breath to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation and bring balance to body and mind.  Some Yoga Balls and Tools required.

YOGA FOR DEPRESSION – A Therapeutic Approach

Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm OR Saturdays 10am-11am. Next Series Begins w/o November 2/21. This is an 8-week comprehensive program designed for those seeking to understand and relieve their unique symptoms of depression.  This course accesses profound healing properties from mindfulness and yoga practices (including movement, meditation, visualization, breath work, and sound healing) utilizing the Depression Archetype/Ayurvedic Constitution theory. 

This program includes:

  • Preliminary individualized one-on-one assessment (physical, holistic & depression archetype analysis) with program lead – 60-90 mins in length
  • 8 weekly x 45-60 min group training sessions (pre-scheduled) with 7 day access to recording of group session following the group session for personal practice purposes
  • one weekly 15 min private(one-on-one) check in with program lead throughout length of the 8 week program
  • take-home materials, practice tools/exercises and movement recommendations based on your unique expression of depression
  • one post program assessment and discussion with program lead – 30 mins

The course combines specific yoga, ayurvedic and mindfulness techniques to:

  • Enhance the functioning of the nervous system to improve well-being
  • Improve self-awareness through the practice of mindfulness
  • Assist in recognizing habitual patterns of thought and behaviour
  • Identify situations and environments that might exacerbate symptoms

Build tools to relieve your unique symptoms of depression.