Workshops & Specialty Programs

Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain

Do you suffer with chronic Low Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and/or any joint or tissue injury pain that has become chronic over the years? Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain is a 4-week comprehensive course designed for those seeking to manage both the physical experience of chronic pain and the resulting residual stress & anxiety symptoms. This course is a virtual/Zoom Based program that you can access in the comfort and safety of your own home/environment. This 4 week course will help you understand the path of chronic pain and empower you with tools you can use in your daily life to combat your pain experience. The course combines education and self-assessment with specific yoga techniques (including –but not limited to – movement, pranayama (breath) work, meditation, sound healing, and tapping), with research from the fields of chronic pain management, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and neuroscience.  Investment for full 4 week course is $250 +HST   Registration & commitment to full program required. Only 5 spots available.

2 x per week, 4 week On Line Livestream Series
Tuesdays 6pm and Saturdays 10:00am

This is a program like no other – where the participant learns the foundational postures and movement patterns for Yoga and Pilates from a Beginners perspective.  The participant will attend one yoga and one pilates virtual group training session (so 2 sessions per week) for 4 weeks, based on the current 9to5 Foundational Movement Schedule. Each training is 45-60min in length and a recording is sent to all registered participants (even if they can’t attend live). This recording is valid for one week following the scheduled session).

Max 10 participants on the Zoom platform. Investment: $140+HST for full series

Roll, Release, Restore(TM)

Roll out the soft tissue and muscles in your body, release tension, recover from muscle overuse/repetitive movements and restore your balance and equilibrium in your body and mind with restorative yoga postures and guided deep breath work!  Self-myofascial release work is a recovery method that has many benefits. Using several tools, we will uncover the tender areas or trigger points in our bodies and roll them out to release tension in tight muscles, improve inflexible areas, remove muscle spasms and decrease soft tissue density. Then we will move into supported, restorative and yin yoga postures, (with the aid of props), and focus on deep, restorative breath to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation and bring balance to body and mind.  Some Yoga Balls and Tools required.