Workshops & Specialty Programs

Therapeutic Office Hours

Therapeutic Office Hours

Office Hour Days/Times:  Wednesdays:  10:30am EST/3:30pm GMT and Thursdays at 1:00pm EST/6:00pm GMT (note: only 2 spots available per hour, booked 24 hours in advance)

Investment:  $40.00 + HST/30 minute session

A unique opportunity to experience a sampling of Yoga Therapy first hand.  Book a 30 minute private virtual (zoom based) session to address any personal challenges from physical injury and/or chronic pain to depression, anxiety or daily stressors.  The Yoga Therapist will guide you with known tools and their implementation for recovery, healing and balance. Become actively engaged and the primary force for your own healing, with tools designed specifically for your challenges.    

This program will provide the client with:

*1 x 30 minute private virtual (zoom based) session to address any personal challenges from physical injury and/or chronic pain to depression, anxiety or daily stressors.

*1 x video taping of the session for home practice use

Each client must commit to:

*Booking 24 hours in advance

*Initial health questionnaire completion is required in advance of booked session

NOTE: Yoga Therapy tools and protocol may include some or all of the following: diet & lifestyle recommendations, appropriately sequenced and individualized physical movement program, deep tissue bodywork, conscious mindful breath work, sound and mantra, meditation, visualization, guided relaxation and/or yoga nidra. A Yoga Therapist will draw on all of these practices to provide a specific wellness plan for each individual. After each session, client will be given one or more yoga tools for independent practice.

Therapeutic Practices for Chronic Back Pain


Saturdays–10:30am (EST)/3:30pm (GMT) January 7-January 28 (inclusive)

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain is a 4-week comprehensive course designed for those seeking to manage both the physical experience of back pain and the resulting residual stress & anxiety symptoms. This course is a virtual/Zoom Based program that you can access in the comfort and safety of your own home/environment. Take some time to understand the way chronic pain manifests uniquely for you and empower yourself with tools you can use in your daily life to combat your pain experience. The course combines education and self-assessment with specific yoga techniques (including – but not limited to – movement, pranayama, meditation, self-myofascial release, sound healing, and tapping).  We will draw on research from the fields of chronic pain management, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and neuroscience. Investment for full 4 week course is $250CDN or £158.00 UK.  This includes:

•             Preliminary individualized one-on-one assessment (physical, holistic) with program lead – 60-90 mins in length

•             4 weekly x 45-60 min group training sessions (pre-scheduled) with 7 day access to recording of group session following the group session for personal practice purposes

•             one weekly 15 min private(one-on-one) check in with program lead throughout length of the 4 week program

•             take-home materials, practice tools/exercises and movement recommendations based on your unique expression of chronic pain

•             one post program assessment and discussion with program lead – 30 mins

•             The program is limited to a maximum of 5 participants. 

•             Note that there is a moderate amount of gentle physical movement, (strength, mobility and flexibility) training involved in this program.