Thai Yoga Massage

This ancient healing practice incorporates many different soft tissue and joint manipulation techniques including (but not limited to): massage, fascial release, chopping, assisted stretches, joint mobility/range of motion manipulation and meditation. Both Intuition and a thorough understanding of the human body are the guiding principles in each massage. With a focus on bio-mechanics, anatomy, meditation, breath and maintaining a heart centered approach to healing, Thai Massage creates a deeply relaxing experience of the human mind-body-spirit connection. 

Thai Massage/Thai Yoga Therapy sessions are most often performed on the floor on padded mats. Clients are fully clothed and there is no use of oils. Bolsters, pillows and blankets may be used as additional tools to assist in the process.

Since every body is different and has different needs at various points of time, no two sessions will be exactly the same from one person to the next or from one visit to the next.